5 Reasons You Need a Yoni Egg Practice


1. OWN YOUR PLEASUREKnowing your own body is an essential key to maximizing arousal and pleasure in, and out, of bed. Having a regular Yoni Egg practice helps you tune into your body’s connection and pleasure centers, so you can feel confident in knowing not only what gets you going, but what really gets you off.

2. A HEALTHY PEVLIC FLOOR MAKES A DIFFERENCE - Pelvic what? Yeah. Your pubococcygeus muscle (also known as PC muscle) forms the floor of the pubic cavity. This muscle literally HOLDS UP all of your reproductive goods, and your bladder. Why does this matter? Over time, a weak PC muscle can atrophy, and potentially drop (prolapse), causing a sensation of discomfort, and in some cases, incontinence. A regular Yoni Egg practice helps to strengthen and tone your PC muscles.

3. ORGASM BETTER (and wetter) - Using a Yoni Egg awakens new pleasure sensations in a gentle way by stimulating increased blood flow throughout your vagina. This increased circulation helps heighten vaginal sensitivity, especially in your G-spot and other orgasmic centers like your cervix (bet you didn’t know you can have cervical orgasms!). It also stimulates your Bartholin’s glands, which are responsible for the beautiful natural lubrication of your body, helping you get wetter, and stay wetter.

4. BECAUSE DOING KEGELS ISN'T ENOUGH - Kegels are meant to exercise your PC muscle, by flexing and holding it over and over again. But when you go to the gym, do you stand in front of the mirror and flex your muscles? No way! You add resistance, or a weight. Upgrade your kegels by using a Yoni Egg as a weight and give your PC muscle some love.

5. IT'S GOOD FOR YOU + YOUR SOUL - More than just a tool to increase your capacity for sensual pleasure, a Yoni Egg practice helps you to cultivate a deeper confidence in yourself inside and outside the bedroom. By awakening your body, you also awaken your spirit to engage with life in a more sensual, inspired way.