Why Our Jade Yoni Egg is Better than Other Yoni Eggs

Not all Jade Eggs are created equal!

We searched high and low for the best jade to make our eggs. We found out that the market is literally flooded with lower quality eggs (mostly from China). These are mostly imposter stones claiming to be jade that have been dyed and treated to look like Jade.

We decided to take a different route. Our 100% certified Nephrite Jade is mined in Canada with a small batch mine. It is ethically mined; meaning the environment is looked after, and the workers are paid a fair wage. 

Certified Nephrite Jade is the best stone you can use for your jade egg practice. Nephrite jade is molecularly dense, making it non-porous (less surface area for bacterial growth). It is very heavy, making your kegel more effective from the weight. Plus it's the stone that has been used traditionally for hundreds of years in China, where the jade egg practice originated in the royal courts as a way for the queen and courtesans to experience sexual wellbeing well past their childbearing years, so it has been the stone used most frequently over the past thousand years for this purpose.